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Esri, UN and GEO Blue Planet release global water health tool to help coastal nations improve ocean quality

4 Nov - 14:07 SAST

Information from Esri

Esri announced a new free and open tool it is making available for countries seeking to improve their coastal waters. The tool uses real-time analysis enabling countries to monitor coastal water quality and use that information to guide policy and reduce pollution from land sources.

A team from Esri, the United Nations Environment Programme, and GEO Blue Planet partnered to develop this statistical approach using satellite data and geospatial technology in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to prevent and reduce marine pollution of all...

The tool uses real-time analysis enabling countries to monitor coastal water quality and use that information to guide policy and reduce pollution from land sources.

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Project owners help drive construction digitisation and data efforts

10 Aug - 05:59 SAST
Project owners increasingly regard data as the key driver of a project’s value and are demanding that their contractors and suppliers align with their digital ambitions.
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Water scarcity in Africa: Analysis of seawater solar desalination applicability by GIS

18 Aug - 12:26 SAST
In Africa, seawater solar desalination systems offer an opportunity to address increasing water demand. However, many environmental, economic, demographic, and climatic factors should be taken into consideration in the planning of the areas where...
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How open map data is bringing transparency to the apparel industry

31 Aug - 15:09 SAST
The Open Apparel Registry is an open data map of facilities in the apparel industry which apparel brands, civil society organisations, academic researchers, journalists, and other groups use to understand the global apparel supply...
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OGC features API adds more coordinate reference systems

25 Nov - 12:40 SAST
OGC APIs spatially enable web APIs in a consistent way by enabling a way to share and access location information that is consistent with the architecture of the web.
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Nov 26

Course: Geospatial Data in PostGIS

November 26 8:30 am - November 27 4:30 pm
SA – Cape Town Lodge Hotel & Conference Centre

Geospatial Data in PostGIS is a paid training course offered by Kartoza. PostGIS and PostgreSQL provide enterprise-ready geospatial relational database management system. PostGIS is a spatial database that allows users, web map servers and

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Nov 26

IMSSA webinar: Life as a mine surveyor in Africa

November 26 6:00 pm - November 26 7:00 pm

In this webinar hosted by the Institute of Mine Surveyors of South Africa (IMSSA), the institute’s Alex Bals and Prof. Fred Cawood will be interviewing Gerry Kock on a life as a surveyor in

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Nov 30

Understanding Risk 2020

November 30 - December 23

UR2020 will showcase the latest technologies and innovations in the field of disaster and climate risk management, and will offering over 400 hours of content along with opportunities to network and form new partnerships

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