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GIS mapping project sets out to provide Uganda with data for water infrastructure improvements

2 Dec - 13:03 SAST

By Trimble Geospatial

Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB-USA), a non-profit organisation that provides engineering solutions in developing countries, has worked in Uganda on a variety of water, sanitation and hygiene initiatives, including developing standards for solar water pumping. In 2020, it started a water system geographic information systems (GIS) mapping project to provide accurate geolocation and other data for water infrastructure development in the West Nile sub-region of Northern Uganda.

The water asset mapping project is partially supported by the Trimble Foundation Fund, which has donated GIS and mapping technology solutions...

For the Uganda water system project, high accuracy GIS solutions will support the inventory of about 120 water installations, and ultimately a master plan to address the limited water capacity in Uganda.

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Project owners help drive construction digitisation and data efforts

10 Aug - 05:59 SAST
Project owners increasingly regard data as the key driver of a project’s value and are demanding that their contractors and suppliers align with their digital ambitions.
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South Africa’s statistical agency maps communities vulnerable to Covid-19

14 Dec - 17:32 SAST
The South African Covid-19 Vulnerability Index aims to identify populations that face multiple risks and who are considered most vulnerable.
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How open map data is bringing transparency to the apparel industry

31 Aug - 15:09 SAST
The Open Apparel Registry is an open data map of facilities in the apparel industry which apparel brands, civil society organisations, academic researchers, journalists, and other groups use to understand the global apparel supply...
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