Cadastre Principles and Practice

By Roger Fisher and Jennifer Whittal

Cadastre Principles and Practice“, written by Roger Fisher and Jennifer Whittal, is a comprehensive reference text for aspiring and practicing professional land surveyors, those in the real property business, and those involved in land administration. Written for the South African practice environment, it will be of interest to an international audience.

The book explains the principles of cadastral law and interpretation in practice. The authors’ approach is progressive with the intent to inspire development to meet the needs of society for secure land tenure for all.

It covers a broad range of topics, from historical roots of tenure in the ancient world to the early development of the cadastre in South Africa, and development of the land surveying profession and professionalism. This provides context to the discussion on land law, tenure and rights; on legal institutions, on land administration, as well as government policies and reform imperatives.

Defining property boundaries of rights in space is a particular challenge of the cadastral land surveyor. The chapters on the definition of beacons and boundaries cover a broad range of onshore and offshore application environments. They span the extent of ownership and limited real rights within the sovereign area of the Republic of South Africa. These environments include the air, the land surface and subterrestrial; coastal waters, and the sea bed. Particular attention is paid to complex river and coastal property boundaries.

Since case law is a key driver for changes in legislation and is highly directive in terms of practice, the final chapter of the book is dedicated to a themed exploration of case law relating to beacons, boundaries, evidence, rights and restrictions.

The book is authored by Roger Fisher and Jennifer Whittal. Fisher is a past professor of land surveying at the University of Cape Town and UK University of East London. He has editorial and surveying experience, was inaugural chairman of the Federation of Institutes of Land Surveyors of South Africa and is an honorary life member of the South African Geomatics Institute. Whittal is an associate professor at the University of Cape Town, is a past president of the Institute of Professional Land Surveyors of the Western Cape and is current Chair of the Africa Regional Capacity Development Network of the International Federation of Surveyors.

Cadastre Principles and Practice” (ISBN: 978-0-620-82878-9) can be ordered from the South African Geomatics Institute for R660 (excl delivery), by contacting [email protected].

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