Aerobotics analysis helps relieve vineyard water stress

By Janna Rubin, Aerobotics

An agricultural service provider used Aerobotics projects to help one of its table grape clients to spot two blocks of low moisture content, to help better identify and manage an irrigation problem. The analysis started in Aeroview’s satellite health map, which showed the block with low moisture content. A drone flight was conducted for deeper analytics into the high and low areas of vigour.

From this analysis precise markers for the problem spots were created for on the ground investigation. The farmer went in-field to the spots that appeared to have lower NDVI levels using his mobile scouting app, Aeroview InField, which indicates each marker. From here the farmer started to take soil profiles once a week to measure soil moisture. He knew exactly where to go each time with GPS-referenced markers which are synced between his mobile phone and computer.

A comparison of two Aeroview drone reports before and after intervention shows the improvement of the block’s NDRE from around 0.25–0.34 to around 0.4–0.48.

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