Carto provides free visualisation software for organisations fighting COVID-19

By Dan Rushton, Carto

In the fight against COVID-19 maps have become a valuable tool in understanding the spread of the disease. Many organisations and individuals around the world are using maps for awareness, communication and to increase the effectiveness of their response. For this reason, Carto will be making its platform available to public and private sector organisations fighting the coronavirus outbreak via its grants program.

There are already a growing number of individuals in the spatial analysis community creating maps that bring together different streams of open data, as well as leveraging information from Carto’s Data Observatory (

Visit Carto’s grants page ( to apply for access. The company has committed to helping applicants and their teams obtain grants and getting started within two working days. This includes receiving support to ensure the sharing of relevant and accurate location-based insights with the public and organisations fighting COVID-19.

Grants have already been awarded to organisations in Algeria, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Cyprus, Turkey, Spain and several other countries.

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