Beta iOS app connects UgCS desktop software to DJI drones

Information from UgCS

SPH Engineering, the developer of UgCS, has released the iOS version of the UgCS for DJI middleware, required to connect DJI drones with UgCS desktop. DJI is a closed system that does not allow connecting DJI drones directly to PC, therefore the UgCS for DJI middleware is required to plan surveying missions with UgCS desktop.

The beta app is designed to establish a connection between DJI drone and UgCS desktop to upload and carry out a previously planned mission, or to fly the drone in Click&Go mode. The app can also be used as a stand-alone application to manually fly DJI drones to capture photos or videos. UgCS desktop is however required to plan missions.

 The app allows users to start uploaded missions manually or in auto-mode. It also features a manual flight mode, flight simulator, live HD camera view, and the ability to manage camera settings and controls (gimbal pitch and yaw). It can further be used to capture photos and videos, reset the drone’s home position and command a return. The app includes the ability to check telemetry data, and supports metric and imperial units.

UgCS desktop, which is required for survey mission planning, is designed for central management of all types and manufacturers of unmanned vehicles, enabling users to control one or a fleet of drones on a single mission in multi-operator mode and multi-platform environments.

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