Discussion paper considers BIM and GIS integration through data standards

Information from OGC

As part of their Integrated Digital Built Environment (IDBE) joint working group, the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and BuildingSmart International (BSI) have published “Built environment data standards and their integration: an analysis of IFC, CityGML and LandInfra”.

The paper looks at a variety of challenges and addresses the need to develop and coordinate better integration at a high level between BIM and GIS standards. It focuses on four key topics:

  • Predominant disparities that hinder integration
  • Fundamental operations that underpin use cases
  • Methods of integration in usage
  • Proposed action points

The IDBE working group will continue to work on the points highlighted and aims to overcome integration challenges, to articulate the main use cases, devise a system of common unique identifiers and agree on a collaborative harmonisation approach.

This paper – which is free to download from the OCG’s website – is currently out for endorsement by the Standard Committee at buildingSMART to become a formal Technical Report.

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