MAPublisher 10.6 adds new spatial join, line plotting and map measurement features

Information from MAPublisher

Both Windows and Mac users can explore the new and improved features MAPublisher 10.6 offers with the latest version of Adobe Illustrator. These include a new spatial join feature, improved line plotting and map measurement tools, as well as export and map data links features.

With MAPublisher 10.6’s new Spatial Join feature users can copy attributes from one layer to another based on their spatial relationship; use relationships including Near, Closest, Identical To, Contains, Within, Has Centre In, and Intersects; and adjust the Precision and Tolerance.

The improved Line Plotter tool accurately plots lines with the Geodesic and Rhumb line methods, taking projection into consideration, and is available for both Point by Point and Course & Distance plotting styles. The Rhumb line method will create either straight or curved lines, depending on the projection used. The Cartesian method remains an option as always. With the addition of the Geodesic and Rhumb methods for plotting lines, you can accurately measure the distance between points with these methods as well:

ICC profiles (the data that characterises a coloured input or output device) will be embedded when documents are exported as TIFF files. To keep workspaces organised and clean in MAPublisher 10.6, data links are now removed when a layer is deleted and is the new default behaviour. The installer has been improved, with the latest version of the installer allowing you to uninstall previous versions of the software.

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