Latest Trimble Access gives surveyors an Android OS option

Information from Trimble

Trimble’s Access 2020 field software is now available on the Trimble TDC600 rugged mobile device powered by Android. This combination offers surveyors the ability to use their familiar workflows and survey instruments while using an Android OS platform.

For surveyors looking to use a smart-phone style mobile device to collect data in the field, the Trimble TDC600 running Trimble Access 2020 is one solution with its lightweight, rugged design. It is also useful for surveyors looking for a lower-cost platform with the new Access software and workflows.

The new software version features a Snap-to toolbar functions for general surveys, so as to select locations on objects in the map by snapping onto a specific point, even if no point exists. The Limit box enables users to exclude data in the map to view more clearly the area they are interested in. It is useful for viewing IFC files or point clouds, to exclude parts of the model or point cloud so as to the inside of the model or point cloud.

In RTK surveys, users can now measure points with independent subsets of the currently tracked GNSS satellite constellation. This allows for consecutive measurements to be independent of each other, without having to revisit the point after a significant period of time to ensure the constellation has changed.

Trimble’s TDC600 and Access 2020 are available now through the company’s authorised geospatial distribution network. Customers using Trimble Access on Windows 10 devices, such as the Trimble TSC7 and T10 tablet, can also upgrade to Access 2020 for Windows.

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