NavVis VLX readies mobile mapping for mainstream use in surveying

Information from NavVis

NavVis launched the VLX, a wearable mapping system that captures high-quality data even in complex built environments such as construction sites, staircases and small rooms. Its reality capture capabilities include both survey-grade point clouds and high-resolution panoramas in a compact design for BIM and CAD applications, including web-based digital twins.

The system uses two lidar sensors with SLAM technology for indoor mobile mapping, which is complemented by high-resolution panorama images in a complete 360° field of view. The device positions the scanners in front of and above the operator to give them more control over scanning direction, which improves data quality. The operator is also able to view and interact with the built-in screen that provides live feedback.

The data captured by NavVis VLX can be applied to a range of applications including conventional building documentation such as CAD drawings and BIM models, but also to digital twin solutions, such as NavVis IndoorViewer. The company is launching partnerships with PointCab, ClearEdge3D and Hemminger for Bentley Microstation, in addition to the existing integration with Autodesk Revit, to ensure its VLX and M6 suit existing workflows.

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