Digital Earth Africa releases analysis-ready satellite data for all of Africa to support COVID-19 response

Information from Digital Earth Africa

African nations can now access high-resolution satellite images in the Digital Earth Africa (DE Africa) platform that will enable them to monitor changes that relate to people and the environment due to the impacts of COVID-19 and other critical challenges.

DE Africa has made a large amount of ESA’s Sentinel-2 satellite data available in a format that makes it accessible and suitable for general use. This imagery is particularly useful because of its 10 m resolution and five days revisit rate, allowing detailed land and water analyses.

Satellite imagery enables countries to monitor and manage natural resources and respond to crises, said DE Africa managing director, Dr Adam Lewis. “[DE Africa] is the first analysis-ready data at the continental scale for Africa, meaning it is made available shortly after images are captured and provided in a familiar image file format.”

“Optimising the availability and accessibility of satellite data places Africa in a better position to drive decisions across the continent. It addresses the problem of making vast amounts of satellite data available, findable, accessible and suitable, providing an opportunity for a larger range of non-specialist people to use the valuable information,” Dr Lewis said.

Besides providing satellite images directly to users, DE Africa will also integrate with other information platforms and solutions already supporting the COVID-19 response in Africa.

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