Cadasta’s Global Impact Dashboard 2.0 gives partners greater access to land and resource rights data

By Asaf Even-Paz and Chuck Conley, Cadasta Foundation

Cadasta released the second version of its Global Impact Dashboard, designed with its partners’ needs in mind. The dashboard makes it possible to visualise and share the land and resource rights data collected using Cadasta’s Platform and suite of tools. In doing so, it will serve as a resource for the foundation’s partners as well as policymakers and practitioners interested in global land, property and resources rights issues.

The dashboard was designed and implemented using Esri technology and incorporates the latest project data from Cadasta’s internal customer relationship management (CRM) system, Insightly. The data published on the dashboard includes summary and disaggregated historical data from all of the foundation’s projects and can be used in various Esri applications such as web maps, dashboards, and web apps.

The Global Impact Dashboard consists of several dashboards in one and a global map of countries where Cadasta operates. By clicking on a specific country in the map, one can view a list of projects in that location. Project names and details are shown based on the privacy level defined by the partner.

The data on the GID can be viewed in the following ways:

  • General statistics: The General Statistics tab shows the most frequently asked metrics such as number of households, people, hectares, and parcels documented on the Cadasta Platform.
  • Country-level statistics: The Country-level Statistics tab displays the aggregated metrics for projects in a particular country.
  • Project type statistics: The Project Type tab allows the user to review metrics for projects that represent a specific use case, for example, agriculture, urban, and women’s land rights.
  • Land and demographics: The Land and Demographics tab shows additional metrics such as distribution of age, gender, and current land tenure status.

The foundation will continuously improve the Global Impact Dashboard by adding new metrics on impact data, perception of tenure security, and other data points that are important for partners and for gaining a better understanding of land and property rights globally. The Cadasta Platform also allows each partner to create their own dashboards for reporting and visualisation. The dashboards can also be embedded in partners’ own dashboards on their websites or in reports.