UP42 Partners with Vultus on precision agriculture technologies

Information from UP42

UP42, a developer platform and marketplace for geospatial data and analytics, today announced a new partnership with Vultus, a precision farming technologies firm. UP42 customers can now use the Vultus Fertilization Zoning Maps algorithms for crop management, with more agricultural technologies coming soon.

Fertilization Zoning Maps analyses Earth observation satellite data with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to give farmers insights into crop health within small sections of their fields, enabling them to apply fertilisers variably across the field. It divides fields into five zones that are classified according to the variable fertilisation rate the soil requires. This allows growers to reduce nitrogen-based fertiliser and increase their yields.

By partnering with Vultus, UP42 allows agriculture customers to pick and choose combinations of data and processing algorithms for their area of interest and retrieve results on a single scalable platform.

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