Vexcel Imaging updates the performance of its aerial photogrammetry software in UltraMap 5.0

Information from Vexcel Imaging

Vexcel Imaging’s UltraMap version 5.0 is the latest update to its aerial photogrammetry software featuring DTM generation and integration of ortho production in UltraMap Studio.

This update features a new digital terrain model (DTM) algorithm based on automatic semantic image segmentation and intelligent filtering, which now generates DSMs and DTMs for export at a higher quality than before.

Several new features facilitate and speed up the data production process – from simultaneous DSM and DTM editing in one interface and re-processing for ortho products, to the full integration of Ortho Production in UltraMap Studio and new quality control tools like visualisation of non-ground objects.

Other updates include the generation of colour balancing masks based on semantic image segmentation to reduce manual interaction; the ability to import and export vector data in GeoJSON format; and supports fore new UltraCam systems such as the Osprey 4.1. New download settings in UltraMap RawDataCenter now also supports high performance storage systems.

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