Harald Blue launches contact tracing solution with asset tracking functionality

Information from Harald Blue

Harald Blue has launched a Bluetooth token contact tracing solution into the Southern African market. A future option allowing the beacon to be attached to equipment also allows it to be used for asset tracking. Using the radio signal strength indication to measure the distance between tokens, each token is assigned an ID, which can be linked with HR systems or asset registers, using the Harald Blue REST API.

Once a Covid-19 infection is reported, the system is triggered to identify affected and at-risk persons based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines for transmission based on time and distance of exposure. This allows companies to take proactive measures by only closing affected areas of an operation and only place affected workers on medical leave, rather than close down an entire work site.

To protect individuals’ privacy, the token doesn’t include a GPS, and the data is uploaded over a secure connection (via Wi-Fi) to Harald Blue’s service on AWS’s Cape Town data centre, where its stored and analysed. The uploaded data does not include demographic indicators, and only contact event data, which are not shared back to the contracting company. Harald Blue has no way to identify individuals as no personal data is stored on the Harald Blue back-end system, and the contacting company has no way to track individuals as the only data shared back to the company is a list of possibly infected individuals based on a token bearer being reported infected.

To preserve battery life and limit network congestion, the token data uploads occur only every 5 to 7 hours. The low-power token has a battery life of 9 to 12 months, aided by the built-in accelerometer, which helps preserve battery life by only waking the token up to communicate information when it moves. Since the tokens communicate with one another using a proprietary ID, they can be used alongside other Bluetooth devices.

The tokens and accompanying contact tracing services are available as a one-year subscription. Harald Blue is also developing other services such as access control, time and attendance systems and asset tracking with further integration of the accelerometer data – all of which can be loaded onto the tokens wirelessly in future updates.

For more info visit https://harald.blue

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