Pointly launches cloud-based 3D point cloud classification tool

Information from Supper & Supper

Supper & Supper has launched Pointly, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to manage and classify 3D point clouds with the help of AI. User can select large swathes of ground with one click and small objects like street signs with the next.

The point clouds are available in their full resolution without compression. With smart segmentation and labelling, training data can be generated in a short time. The software processes lidar, photogrammetric or other point clouds in las/laz format and enables the users to manage and structure them. The data can be organised by feature classes, categories, lists and tags for further processing.

Various features and tools help accelerate point cloud classification. These include three selection tools (segment selector, polygon lasso tool, 3D bounding box), three segment scales (coarse, medium, fine), 3D visualisation with smooth zooming, and three views to view RGB information, pre-processed segments, and selected classes.

Pointly uses Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Computing services, offering elastic and scalable processing of large amounts of data. Azure’s 256-bit AES encryption standard provides advanced protection of the data, whether in storage or in transit. The user’s identity is managed through Azure B2C and protects personal data.

Users can choose between a free and a professional Pointly plan, with the latter allowing larger point clouds uploads and exporting of classified results. The company also offers cooperation opportunities for educational using the solution for research. The company aims to add more features to create an end-to-end platform solution to not only manage and label but also analyse big data from 3D point clouds.

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