Bentley Systems expands alliance with Microsoft to accelerate infrastructure digital twins for urban planning and smart cities

Information from Microsoft

Bentley Systems and Microsoft Corp announced an expansion of a strategic alliance focused on advancing infrastructure for smart city urban planning and smart construction. The alliance will combine Microsoft’s Azure IoT Digital Twins and Azure Maps with Bentley Systems’ iTwins platform, enabling engineers, architects, constructors and city planners to work within a comprehensive city-scale digital twin.

The companies will collaborate to develop new smart city solutions, and will explore opportunities for digital twins in urban planning and citizen engagement for cities around the world. The collaboration will improve collaboration through Microsoft Teams for infrastructure engineers.

“With Azure as the foundation of our cloud services, our offerings are more broadly scaled and differentiated by the further integrations of Microsoft technologies,” said Greg Bentley, CEO of Bentley Systems.

Bentley’s ProjectWise, in conjunction with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Teams, has empowered Bentley’s users to work from home while collaborating virtually on projects globally. The companies will further combine Bentley’s infrastructure digital twins expertise with Microsoft’s cloud technologies for:

  • ProjectWise 365, a 100% Azure cloud-based solution that increases infrastructure design collaboration, which will be available through Microsoft’s commercial marketplace.
  • Bentley’s iTwins platform to leverage Microsoft’s Azure Digital Twins, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Time Series Insights and other Microsoft cloud services, for users to store and process operational data.

In addition to sustaining infrastructure development in smart cities, project digital twins are facilitating industrial construction. Bentley Systems was recognised by Microsoft as the 2020 MSUS Partner Award winner for the Industry-Automotive category, in which an automotive factory uses the HoloLens 2 with Bentley’s Synchro 4D construction-modelling software.