Novum Intel becomes Novum Intelligence, launches new services

Eagle-eyed audience members will have noticed the subtle change in our company name and domain name from Novum Intel to the full name, Novum Intelligence. Rest assured, none of this affects our operations, mission, scope or plans for the future. 

We’ll continue to serve our great sector of geo-professionals with the highest quality news and insights, and maintain our belief that spatial intelligence is “novel” intelligence which has the ability to completely transform the world and the societies we live in for the better.

Avid geo-professionals who regularly visit our site will also notice we’ve recently introduced new membership subscription options, with two more subscription plans to be announced shortly as we continue to grow the depth of our services to you, our loyal audience.

Those leading firms who are keen to market their solutions on our platform will also be delighted with our new online store, which allows marketing and sales teams to plan their budgets and campaigns, and then book their ads quickly, online and at their convenience. In addition, advertisers will also be able to access their adverts’ statistics directly online at any time they please, making it easier to see what’s working and what not, and to justify ad-spend.

Innovation is a constant practice, and we look forward to having you as our audience join us on our journey as we continue to innovate alongside you in our beloved geospatial industry!

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