Phase One unveils PAS 880 large format nadir and oblique aerial camera system

Information from Phase One Industrial

Phase One has unveiled the PAS 880 fully integrated large format nadir and oblique camera system for aerial mapping. The system integrates a 280 MP nadir camera with four oblique 150 MP cameras into a single pod to simultaneously capture photogrammetric 2D and 3D digital imagery.

Operating at a 2 frames/second capture rate, it covers wide flight lines with 20 000 pixels across in nadir and 14 000 pixels in each of the oblique angles. The system can be operated at a variety of airspeeds, altitudes, and lighting conditions for blur-free image collection, with a maximum spatial resolution of 2.5 cm at 600 m altitude. The combination of 90 mm nadir and 150 mm oblique camera lenses ensures balanced ground resolution.

Other features include a BSI CMOS sensor of 3.76-micron pixel size, motion blur control, dual views for real-time image quality monitoring,12 TB storage with separate SSD for each camera, and ready for remote diagnostics and future updates.

The PAS 880 is a tightly coupled hardware and software system. Each system is delivered with an integrated high-level GNSS/IMU, where customers can choose between two accuracy levels. The system comes equipped with the lates Phase One flight and sensor management software, including iX Plan for mission planning, iX Flight Pro for flight management, data collection and image-status monitoring, and iX Process for image processing. Additional processing with third-party photogrammetric applications is also possible.

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