Golden Software enhances Surfer visualisation functionality for better data insights

Information from Golden Software

Golden Software has enhanced visualisation and automation functions in the new version of its Surfer gridding, contouring and 3D surface mapping package, giving users more options for displaying scientific data.

The new Peaks and Depressions layer type automatically identifies and outlines closed high and low areas, or peaks and depressions, in a grid file. In addition, a statistics report is generated for the areas, including information such as length, width, depth, volume, and orientation. Peak and depression detection is useful for geologists mapping geohazards or hydrologists interpreting drainage patterns in karst topographies – but applicable to any data type including lidar. This feature allows the high and low areas to be colourised, annotated, and displayed on their own.

More capabilities have been added to the software’s automation function, allowing users to automate workflows, including Base from Data layer type, Vector Base Map Symbology, new Scale Bar options, new Legend options, and new Grid Data options.

Four capabilities have been added to 3D Views: Colour scale bars can be added to explain the elevation, concentration, or other data values depicted by colours. Anti-aliasing smooths axes and grid lines in 3D models. VRML file exporting is now possible, 3D PDF exporting has been improved.

Users can now also select multiple polygons and choose to calculate their statistics, areas, or volumes either as a single combined polygon or as individual polygons.