Catalyst’s new cloud solution processes Earth observation imagery where it is stored

Information from Catalyst

Catalyst introduced its Microservices solution, a library of geospatial workflows and algorithms optimised to process Earth image data on the cloud at scale. Applicable to more than 70 aerial and satellite sensors, the company’s products integrate image analysis, photogrammetric and radiometric processing, and information extraction capabilities for professionals, researchers, developers, and large production operations.

Microservices makes low-latency, high-refresh image processing possible by leveraging public cloud services to cover large geographic areas, reducing the time it would normally take on a distributed server-based system. It eliminates the costly and time-consuming transfer of data from the data centre by shifting the processing workflow directly to the cloud service where the imagery is stored.

Microservices can even access images from different clouds – Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, for example – and integrate them into a single workflow. This also makes processing costs are predictable and directly attributable to the work being done.