MapTiler Desktop 11 gets a visual overhaul and new rendering capabilities

Information from MapTiler

MapTiler Desktop has been updated to keep it a user-friendly geodata processing tool for converting maps-data into web and mobile-ready form. The interface has been made more interactive, and design elements such as icons have been unified with the look and feel of the company’s website and other products. Raster tiles are complemented with vector tiles rendering functionality. Also added is the ability to preview geodata files on your computer before they start to render.

Any kind of data can be viewed, including raster TIFF/GeoTIFF, MrSID, ECW, JPEG2000/GeoJP2, Erdas HFA, NOAA BSB/KAP, Ozi Explorer OZF2/OZFx3, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF with RGB colour model, or vector GeoPDF, Esri Shapefile, GeoJSON, GeoPackage, KML, and GPX.

The latest version of MapTiler Desktop, version 11, uses the latest system components, including a graphical user interface written in Qt5, which uses a faster WebKit rendering engine. The newest WebKit allows visual georeferencing using any modern web map service, including Google Maps.

There software has installers for Windows and macOS.  Linux users can use distribution installers with DEB (Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, Chromebooks), the RPM (Red Hat, Fedora) packages or the universal AppImage binary.