Two new Airbus partnerships see high-res satellite imagery underpin large-scale AI solutions

Information from Airbus

In March 2021, Airbus has signed two partnerships that will see its high-resolution satellite imagery used in large-scale AI-based solutions. The partnerships with Ecopia AI and IBM’s The Weather Company both draw on Pléiades 50 cm satellite imagery. Pléiades Neo 30 cm data, which will become available in the coming months, is expected to advance the solutions of both partnerships.

Extracting digital vector maps at a global scale

Ecopia AI will use the satellite imagery to extract and produce digital maps on a global scale, including land use/land cover, roads, and building footprint data. These up-to-date maps will help commercial and government users to improve decision-making in a variety of industries, including land administration and insurance. The Ecopia Vector Maps will be available in the Airbus OneAtlas Platform and upon request, and can be ordered for any location globally.

Providing vegetation insights for grid reliability

The 50 cm satellite imagery will also be used in the IBM Vegetation Management Platform, part of the IBM Weather Operations Center, to help utility and energy companies gauge the state of vegetation near utility lines, to reduce the risks of electrical disruptions and wildfires, and improve overall grid reliability. Pléiades 50 cm satellite imagery shows details about vegetation, empowering AI technology to discern tree canopies and then identify, segment and estimate their height. This will enable power companies to proactively prioritise trimming efforts.

Cloud-based imagery and insights

The Airbus OneAtlas platform gives customers access to a range of imagery products and AI-based analytics that enable them to monitor economic activities and support decision-making. It offers immediate access to premium and fresh Airbus satellite imagery in streaming or download formats as well the ability to access historical archive of imagery. OneAtlas APIs are also available to integrate into users’ GIS workflows. Coupled with analytics from partners such as Preligens, Ecopia AI, Orbital Insight and Hyperverge, the service also provides global insights.