Extensis makes its GeoViewer Pro geospatial data viewer available at no charge

Information from Extensis

Extensis, a provider of digital asset management solutions, has decided to make its GeoViewer Pro for Desktop application available at no charge. The standalone GIS image viewer for compressed MrSID files, raster imagery, lidar point clouds, and vector layers enables GIS professionals and map consumers alike to view and interact with geospatial datasets without a full GIS software package.

In addition to supporting a variety of raster image formats, GIS shapefiles, and even KML files, the application’s core functionality includes customisable display settings, support for OGC map services, exporting files, and displaying maps in their native projections. Users can make and save measurements and annotate geospatial files, as well as create new images or maps from the larger datasets for exporting and sharing with other users.

The software offers advanced capabilities for enhanced analysis, including the ability to:

  • Change map projections to additional supported projections
  • Print images or portions of images that you specify
  • Display area of shapes that you draw on the map
  • Create image tiles when you export images
  • Search for a location using address information

Current users will be able to upgrade to the now-free Pro version without a new download, while first-time users can download the application at extensis.com/geoviewer-pro.