UP42 adds Catalyst Analytics to its geospatial marketplace

Information from UP42

UP42 now offers automated geospatial processing analytics from Catalyst on its marketplace and developer platform. The offering includes the Catalyst InSAR processing block, which measures millimetre-scale ground deformation from time series synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite datasets.

Catalyst is a new brand from PCI Geomatics, the Canadian remote sensing and geospatial software developer. The Insights suite packages algorithms and analytics tools into integrated, customisable processes for geospatial professionals and non-technical users alike, to extract information from image data and present the results.

The InSAR processing block detects subtle terrain changes known as ground deformation. This has a range of applications related to monitoring critical infrastructure, tracking subsurface water levels, and predicting geohazards.

The UP42 platform offers many Earth observation datasets and advanced processing algorithms – along with cloud computing power – to create custom geospatial solutions. Users purchase the data needed to cover their area of interest and then use off-the-shelf processing capabilities to analyse the datasets without investment in their own computing infrastructure.

UP42 users will be able to apply the CATALYST InSAR analytics to Sentinel-1 satellite data available on the platform, as well as other SAR datasets in the future.