Phase One announces P3 drone payload for asset inspection

Information from Phase One Industrial

Phase One has announced the P3 turnkey payload, designed for inspection of critical infrastructure with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). It includes a Phase One iXM 100 MP or 50 MP camera, one of the RSM lens options, and a new gimbal with integrated rangefinder.

Available in Q2 2021, the payload is offered in two configurations to meet a range of user requirements. The P3 for the DJI M300 is plug-and-play, developed mainly for operators and service providers that already own, or are considering purchasing, a DJI M300. The P3 MAVLink is ready for integration with the many drones that are based on the open-source MAVLink protocol, useful for bundling by OEMs and solution integrators.

The iXM 100 MP and 50 MP cameras feature dynamic range for sharp image collection in high-contrast or low-light environments. The variety of lens options ensures large surface areas can be captured with millimetre-level detail. The new gimbal with the integrated laser rangefinder ensures precise and fast focusing while eliminating blurry images.

The solution is well suited to inspections of high value assets such as bridges and dams; high risk assets such as electric transmission lines; or time critical assets such as wind turbines.

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