The Locus Charter sets out data ethics for geospatial technologies and location data users

Information from EthicalGEO

EthicalGEO in partnership with the Benchmark Initiative has launched the Locus Charter, a proposed set of common international principles to support ethical and responsible practice when using location data. It is written for individuals and organisations who use location data or have responsibility for activities that create, collect, analyse and store location data.

The charter draws on global perspectives and the outcomes of ten international workshops over the last year and a half. It is the result of international collaboration between governments, organisations and individual practitioners, and espouses the values of inclusive, open, and fair location data utilisation.

The ten founding principles in the charter can be summarised as:

  • Realise opportunities
  • Understand impacts
  • Do no harm
  • Protect the vulnerable
  • Address bias
  • Minimise intrusion
  • Minimise data
  • Protect privacy
  • Prevent identification of individuals
  • Provide accountability

The document is now open to the public for further input and refinement. Feedback can be sent to [email protected]

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