Digital Twin Consortium welcomes Esri as partner, announces liaison with Global Mining Guidelines Group

Information from the Digital Twin Consortium and Esri

The Digital Twin Consortium has welcomed Esri as a new partner to its community of users in industry, government, and academia who work to create consistency in vocabulary, architecture, security, and interoperability of digital twin technology

The digital twin is a virtual representation of the built and natural world. It allows organisations to capture, model, visualise, simulate, analyse and predict information by interconnecting many information systems for decision making.

The company’s ArcGIS software enables various industries to connect detailed building information models (BIM) to their natural surroundings, as well as connecting to and collaborating with other networks and systems.

The consortium has also entered into a liaison agreement with Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) to further the use of digital twins in the mining industry for improving processes and best practices.

“The mining industry has benefitted significantly from digital transformation initiatives to increase performance in real-time, enhance safety, and improve resource knowledge for better extraction and supply chain effectiveness,” said Heather Ednie, managing director of GMG. “As part of this transformation, digital twins are emerging as a critical topic.”

Both consortia will exchange information through regular consultations, seminars, and more, including on the:

  • use cases and applications of digital twins in mining
  • best practices across natural resource industries
  • testbed opportunities and innovation platforms for collaboration

They will also collaborate on guidelines for the development and adoption of digital twins in mining, and apply lessons from other sectors to mining to advance consistency across industries. The consortia will also support the alignment of their workstreams.

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