Esri’s SAP and SAS integrations unite disparate data sources and add new data science workflows

Information from Esri

GIS software developer Esri has announced two integrations: The ArcGIS Enterprise running on SAP HANA Cloud breaks down data silos, and the SAS-ArcGIS Bridge integration brings statistical and machine learning analysis tools to GIS.

The certification and support for SAP’s database-as-a-service offering and key component of SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP HANA Cloud, are accelerating customer adoption of cloud-based location intelligence platforms with a high-performance environment that scales to large enterprises.

Many organisations deal with multiple sources of data that are not connected. Whether that data comes from SAP, non-SAP, cloud, or on-premises sources, SAP HANA Cloud breaks down data silos. The new integration gives Esri users a single gateway for all data.

In related news, the upcoming release of ArcGIS Pro 2.8 introduces the SAS-ArcGIS Bridge, extending the variety of data science tools and approaches available to users. SAS is a statistical software suite with advanced data science capabilities.

The SAS-ArcGIS Bridge allows users to convert data across the two software solutions. The ArcGIS Pro integration uses two new geoprocessing tools: SAS to Table and Table to SAS. SAS To Table provides converts SAS datasets to a table format that can be spatially enabled and used, while Table To SAS accepts any feature layer with an attribute table and converts it to a format that can be used in SAS.

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