Data Model Storytelling

By Larry Burns

In “Data Model Storytelling”, author Larry Burns considers how data models can be used with storytelling to bring people together to solve business problems, re-engineer business processes, forge agreements on data meanings, create new business opportunities, and promote data quality and reuse.

The author draws on several disciplines – from storytelling to cognitive behavioural therapy, from landscaping to Human-centred design, from business process re-engineering to domain-driven development, from Agile to object-oriented design.

Aimed at data professionals, the book shows how to navigate the shoals of business and technology change, from Agile development to NoSQL databases to Domain-Driven Development to microservices to cloud computing. Burns has worked in IT for more than 40 years as a database developer, DBA, data modeller, application developer, consultant, and teacher. He currently works for a Fortune 200 company as a data and BI architect and data engineer.

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