Two new compliance certifications available for OGC’s SensorML 2.0 and CDB Standard

By Open Geospatial Consortium

In June and July 2021, the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has announced two new compliance certification programmes: one for the SensorML 2.0 Standard and another for version 1.0 of the OGC CDB Standard. Products that implement these standards and pass the tests in the Executable Test Suite can now be certified as OGC Compliant.

Sensor Model Language (SensorML) provides a semantically-tied means of defining processes and processing components associated with the measurement and post-measurement transformation of observations. This includes sensors and actuators as well as computational processes applied before and after measurement. The encoding has been used extensively across areas such as air quality monitoring, hydrology and Earth observation.

The OGC CDB standard defines an open format for the storage, access, and modification of a synthetic environment database. A synthetic environment is a computer simulation that represents activities at a high level of realism, from simulation of theatres of war to factories and manufacturing processes. These environments may be created within a single computer or a distributed network and augmented by realistic special effects and accurate behavioural models.

Implementers of both standards can validate their products using the OGC’s new test suites. Testing involves submitting a file produced by the product being assessed, and typically take only 5-10 minutes to complete. Once a product has passed the test, the implementer can submit an application to the OGC for use of its Compliant trademark on their product.

More information about OGC compliance is available at

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