Radiant Earth partners with Microsoft to accelerate earth observation solutions for local and global sustainability applications

By Radiant Earth Foundation

Radiant MLHub and Microsoft Planetary Computer will provide users with increased access to artificial intelligence (AI) data, tools, and educational resources to address sustainability challenges.

The two organisations join forces to integrate their data ecosystems, Radiant MLHub and the Planetary Computer, which will give users access to better AI data, tools, and capacity development resources to accelerate solving sustainable development challenges using Earth observation data.

Microsoft AI for Earth grantees will have the opportunity to publish their data and models on Radiant MLHub, an open-access repository for Earth observation training data and models.

With over 700 projects in 80 countries, adding grantee data expands the MLHub’s STAC-compliant datasets and model catalogues. It also adds to the map of training datasets that allow users and organisations to pinpoint geographical areas from which more data is needed. In addition, contributing to an open data ecosystem helps connect data sources and types, which is vital for contextualising change.

The two organisations will develop use cases and best practices towards establishing a training data on-demand service, to allow users to combine existing labelled data with new source data, which will enable efficient fusion of training datasets from different sources.

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