Report: The State of Spatial Data Science in Enterprise 2020

By Carto

Spatial data science is a growing discipline across a wide range of industries in both the private and public sector. Nestled between data science and GIS, spatial data science treats location, distance, and spatial interaction as core aspects of the data.

Roles for spatial data scientists are in demand in a wide range of sectors including financial services, real estate, cities and government, management consulting, retail, utilities, telecommunications, and others.

To understand trends and shifts for Spatial Data Science across these industries, spatial cloud solutions provider Carto invited hundreds of leaders from enterprise organisations globally to participate in the State of Spatial Data Science in Enterprise 2020 Survey to gain new insights on the status quo and to explore what to expect in 2021.

This report covers:

  • How many organisations have data science and GIS teams and how they collaborate
  • Challenges in recruiting and hiring spatial data scientists, and required skillsets to identify
  • Different technologies used and preferred in the industry
  • Predictions on investment in expanding spatial data science initiatives

Read the report here