Public-Private Geospatial Collaborations: Exploring Potential Partnership Models

By World Geospatial Industry Council (WGIC)

The World Geospatial Industry Council’s (WGIC) report “Public-Private Geospatial Collaborations: Exploring Potential Partnership Models“ assesses public-private-partnership (PPP) models for the geospatial industry.

The use of PPP models to deliver e-services related to cadastre, land administration, geospatial infrastructure, data, and services are gaining increased visibility. WGIC is helping create greater understanding and awareness of PPPs among national mapping agencies and the commercial sector for piloting and implementing fit-for-purpose PPP models.

The council’s organised consultative roundtables in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America to help gather views from a range of stakeholders around the world. It also engaged the World Bank and NGAC during the process.

This resulting report examines PPPs’ history and context, identifies opportunities, and challenges, and outlines specific business-model structures and examples of what the geospatial community is doing to implement PPPs.

Highlights of the report include:

  • Exploring twelve PPP business models of relevance to the geospatial industry
  • Issuing high-level guidelines to stakeholders towards developing a PPP
  • Presenting seven geospatial PPP use cases
  • Recommendations and next steps related to PPPs by WGIC

Download the report

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