MapTiler Desktop 11.2 features estimated rendering time and new output format

By MapTiler

The latest version of MapTiler Desktop, v11.2, features estimation of rendering time, new default output format, KML for Google Earth, upload to the cloud service of your choice, and other improvements.

Before you start rendering, the software now shows an estimation of how long the processes will take. Looking at the numbers and comparing them with the size of a dataset, users can tell if they made mistake in the settings, such as adding too many zoom levels. This also helps users plan their work better.

GeoPackage is now the default output format while the options of rendering into MBTiles and Folder structure have been preserved for those who are interested. The advantage of GeoPackage is an easy upload to MapTiler Cloud. You can also serve the map tiles from your own server/laptop with MapTiler Server. The KML format (widely used in the Google Earth application) has also been reinstated in the latest release.

In addition to MapTiler Cloud, MapTiler Desktop supports upload to multiple cloud hosting services, including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon, S3, and other Amazon S3-compatible cloud services including Wasabi, MinIO, Ceph, Zenko, Riak S2, Triton, LeoFS, HyperStore, and many others.

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