Airbus’ second Pléiades Neo high-res earth observation satellite now in orbit

By Airbus

Pléiades Neo 4, the second satellite of the Pléiades Neo Earth observation constellation, was successfully launched into its 620 km sun-synchronous polar orbit.

The satellite will be phased 180° with Pléiades Neo 3 on the same orbit to start forming a constellation. This will enable daily imaging of any place on Earth at 30 cm native resolution, and between two and four times a day when the four-satellite constellation is complete.

Comprising four identical satellites, the Airbus manufactured, owned and operated Pléiades Neo constellation offers a native resolution of 30 cm with an imaging swath of 14 km. The new satellites will supplement the existing Pléiades satellites and the rest of the Airbus dozen-strong Earth observation satellite fleet. The Pléiades Neo spacecraft is equipped with the next generation silicon carbide optical instrument. The constellation will also benefit from laser optical and Ka-band links with the Airbus SpaceDataHighway (EDRS) geostationary satellites to enable urgent acquisitions less than 40 minutes after tasking, to swiftly respond to the most critical situations.