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If you’re interested in creating detailed orthomosaics, digital surface models (DSMs) and point clouds, while completing projects faster and scaling your business, senseFly’s new eBee Geo is a great entry point to professional drone mapping.

One tool for many applications

Suitable for medium-to-large mapping projects, the eBee Geo is useful in various applications from construction and engineering, to urban mapping and mining. It achieves efficiency and a 45-minute flight time through its lightweight design (1.3 kg). This also makes it easy to launch and land, with the drone’s robust design absorbing kinetic energy on impact.

Data quality and consistent in software-sensor combo

What sets the eBee Geo apart, besides its affordability, is its custom sensor and software combination that consistently produces high-quality data.

The drone’s Sensor Optimised for Drone Applications payload – or “S.O.D.A.” camera – is optimised for photogrammetry. Real-time kinematic (RTK) adds further efficiency and safety, removing the need to place ground control points throughout a site and making it a great solution for medium-to-large-scale mapping. 

The eBee Geo maintains data quality and data consistency with its autopilot, onboard GNSS and eMotion flight planning software. The software automates data capture and ensures data consistency throughout and between flights. It makes it easy to create flight plans in a matter of minutes and to fly in challenging environments, such as mountains and other areas with drastic changes in elevation. 

eMotion also offers safety features, such as mitigating ground collision by determining whether the drone’s altitude intersects with elevation data, and with built-in fail-safe features such as how far and high the drone can fly.

Training to get you started

Proper training is the first step to quality drone data, which is why senseFly trains and certifies its global distribution partners to ensures they have the knowledge and experience to train customers. On top of that, senseFly offers a new training program that gives users all the skills and confidence they need to get the most from the eBee Geo and ensure successful projects.

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