Microsoft and Esri centralise satellite image analysis in Azure Orbital

Information from Esri

Esri’s ArcGIS Image technology will provide processing and analysis on imagery hosted in Azure Orbital, Microsoft’s Satellite Ground Station as a Service. This will bring users with easy-to-consume imagery.

Azure Orbital offers two main services: Earth Observation and Global Communications.
Azure Orbital uses Microsoft’s global infrastructure and low-latency global network along with its partner ecosystem of ground station networks, cloud modems, and “Telemetry, Tracking, & Control” (TT&C) functions.

Azure Orbital directly ingests data from satellite providers in Microsoft’s Azure cloud to enable seamless application and use of the cloud services such as compute, storage, and AI data processing.

“ArcGIS Image and Azure Orbital, working in concert with satellite data and ground station partners, will provide accessible, focused imagery products designed for immediate use to address our customers’ mission critical use cases,” said Yves Pitsch, partner director of Connectivity Products of Azure Space at Microsoft. Esri has worked with Microsoft for over 20 years and is its leading geospatial technology partner. The ArcGIS product suite is integrated into various Microsoft applications and services that are deployed on the Azure cloud platform.

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