Best practice guide is a step closer to multi-platform Earth observation apps

Information from The Open Geospatial Consortium

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has published Best Practice for Earth Observation Application Package. It guides developers on packaging and deploying multi-cloud and/or multiplatform Earth observation applications.

In this way it decouples app developers from platform operators and app users by allowing developers to make their apps available on a number of platforms with minimal modification.

The document guides developers to expose their existing applications through a standard interface (OGC API - Processes Standard). An open-source implementation of this interoperability middleware is available from EOEPCA, and will be available as an industrially operated platform service on the most significant cloud environments hosting Earth observation data.

This fits with the fundamental principle of Earth observation platforms, namely to move users closer to the data and tools they need, as opposed to moving the data and tools to a user’s local environments. This allows users, app developers and the platforms to benefit from cloud infrastructure’s scalability of computing and storage resources, such as shorten time-to-market of applications and solutions.

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