Two new mining research centres at Wits Mining Institute

Information from Wits University

The Wits Mining Institute (WMI) will host two of the new research centres in partnership with the Mandela Mining Precinct. They begin their work in early 2022.

The two South African Mining Extraction Research, Development and Innovation (SAMERDI) research centres at the WMI will focus on real-time information management systems and the application of people-centred technology.

“These two research centres build on the WMI’s existing expertise, and allow for further interdisciplinary research to inform a 21st century model of mining that is both sustainable and competitive,” says Ingrid Watson, acting director of the WMI. “Integral to the success of these efforts is the development of local capacity.”

The SAMERDI strategy focuses on the modernisation pathway for mining to 2030, and the centres will conduct research to create new knowledge about mining technology, data systems and processes associated with the sector, as well as a people-centric focus on the impact of modernisation on jobs, skills, environmental, social and governance issues, and stakeholder inclusivity.

Each research centre will be headed by a research lead, and will host a postdoctoral student, a doctoral student and up to four master’s students in a three-year cycle. The outputs from the research centres will inform the applied research at the Mandela Mining Precinct (MMP), the results of which are felt on mine sites, in communities and throughout the mining value chain. These results will in turn inform the next iteration the research.

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