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Novum Intelligence is an online industry publication for geospatial and other professionals who use spatial information. Our analyses articles and services of geospatial businesses, technologies and policies help our readers and clients make sense of the geospatial industry.

Novum Intelligence operates at the intersection of cutting edge technologies and their real-world applications.

Our audience includes professionals working in:

  • Mapping: land and mine surveying, land rights and tenure
  • Infrastructure: smart cities, utilities/civils, transportation
  • Environment: agriculture, conservation, forestry
  • Commercial: data science, location- and business intelligence

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Novum Intelligence offers advertisers direct access to an audience of professionals with exclusive and beautiful digital advertising next to high-quality articles. We offer client services including conducting industry surveys, finding beta testers and more (contact us if you have a project you think we can assist you with).

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Novum Intelligence Pty. Ltd.
Director: Pierre Potgieter

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News: pr@novumintelligence.com

Address: 8 Malva Street, Weltevredenpark, 1704, Gauteng, South Africa

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Most of our content remains completely free, even as it requires you to log in using your email (good news: you don’t need to remember a password, we send you a login link to your email).

We ask you to log in for various practical reasons, the main two being:

  • to limit spam and bot responses in the comment section of our articles, which are meant for critical discussion among the geospatial community.
  • to limit companies scraping our hard work and research to exploit it without remuneration in their generative and AI models, violating basic copyright and undermining journalism.

Rest assured that we protect your privacy.