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With exclusive, highly targeted and flexible advertising which generate detailed analytics across all our platforms, we’ll make sure you get value for money. High quality, independent and unique multimedia articles draw an elite audience of location intelligence professionals across the 12 sectors Novum Intel serves, and provide the framework / vehicle for our advertisers to reach their intended market.

Engineered around a mobile first design, our platform is optimised for effective mobile advertising.

We proudly maintain great advertising standards and practices, because good ads benefit everyone. Our Good Advertising Checklist below makes it super easy for you.

Our GDPR compliance takes the onus off you.

Benefits of digital advertising on Novum Intel

  • Targeting – precise and customisable
  • A/B testing – see what works, refine your approach
  • Footprint – access the audience you want
  • Analytics – guide your approach with facts
  • Flexible – flexible periods, flexible cost
  • Discovery – find new customers you didn’t know about

The good advertising checklist

Keep your advert:

  • Simple – great marketing communicates clearly
  • Focused – know exactly what you want to say, then say it (1 message per ad is ideal /keep it to 1 idea)
  • Classy – use modern typefaces, colours and styles to avoid that 90s spam look
  • Complementary – make it work with our platform’s content & colours
  • Audience-oriented – know your audience & identify where to reach them/ where you want to display your ad,
    where not
  • Tasteful – vulgar ads are tacky, tasteless and tossed away
  • Witty – when & where you can, let humour glue your message to minds / let your message be the banana peal
    that people remember
  • Still – flashy ads are old-school, irritating and ineffective; avoid it.
  • Unobtrusive – don’t be the reason people leave the room

Think strategy

Online advertising work best in the long-term, and particularly well when you have with a defined and articulated campaign to base your ads on.

Need inspiration?

Look no further than the Webby Awards


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