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Empowering marketing and sales teams

Novum Intelligence provides geo-sector advertisers, marketers and sales teams with reach and access to an elite audience of geospatial and location intelligence professionals on our superior digital platforms through contextual advertising. We achieve this through exclusive, targeted, flexible digital advertising that’s very effective and delivers a high return on investment.

Book and purchase advertising online on Novum Intelligence or by contacting our sales team, and get anytime access to detailed analytics for all your adverts.

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Access an elite audience of professionals

High quality, independent and unique multimedia articles draw an elite audience of geospatial and location intelligence professionals to Novum Intelligence, and create a superior platform for our advertisers to reach their intended market.

Our Africa-focused coverage has amassed a continent-wide and global following of 3500+ monthly online visitors and 1500 email newsletter subscribers. Our audience of location intelligence professionals work in roles ranging from geo-business owners and technical experts to chief surveyors and CEOs.

Novum Intelligence serves 12 main sectors

  • Geospatial – mapping & surveying
  • Agriculture – precision agriculture
  • Construction – BIM, engineering surveying, Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC); buildings & facilities; real-estate; MEP; airports & ports; bridges & tunnels; roads & highways
  • Mining & Oil, Gas & Chemical – mine surveying and modelling, mineral management, mining cadastres
  • Forestry & Environmental – Natural resources; forestry; environmental management and preservation
  • Financial & Commercial – Geospatial data science, financial services, banking; insurance; retail; commercial; business risk; supply chain
  • Scientific & Cultural – Health; geology, archaeology and cultural heritage; sports & entertainment
  • Transportation – logistics, planning, analytics
  • Utilities – Electricity, power & gas; water & wastewater; telecoms
  • Government – national mapping and geospatial solutions for economic development
  • Cities – Smart cities & urban development
  • Manufacturing – asset management, digital twins, M2M & IoT

Powered by superior digital platforms

Novum Intelligence takes an integrated publishing approach, with a carefully tailored web platform, beautifully crafted newsletter, and considered social media posts on its Twitter and LinkedIn channels to tie it all together.

Engineered to make our multimedia articles accessible and enjoyable to consume on all devices, our website platform allows multi-size ads optimised for effective mobile advertising. A dedicated “Sponsored Post” section offers native advertising as impressive and noticed as a magazine front cover, while options like featured event listings on our industry calendar offer event organisers and advertisers even more exposure.

Our monthly newsletter scales on all devices, offering refined targeting with guaranteed reach, and so generating considerable savings. Email newsletters outperforms social networks in the number of clicks, and our well-segmented newsletter even more so. Newsletters can be sent to everyone, or used to target any of our 12 focus sectors.

Super exclusive discoverable ads with analytics

Ad spaces on Novum Intelligence are super exclusive: Web ad spaces are limited to six positions, with only one ad per ad space. No rotating ads, flashing ads, ugly distracting ads. The monthly newsletter only features one advert per edition.

Comprehensive near-real-time analytics provides you with in-depth insight into what’s working and what not, allowing you to adjust under-performing campaigns.

We search engine optimise even our adverts – meaning your brand and solutions will be found in all the ways you want but never expected. Advertisers further benefit from Novum Intelligence’s own marketing and advertising efforts that draw audiences to its platforms. Our GDPR and POPI Act compliance takes the onus off you.

Discover the effectiveness of contextual advertising

Think of Waldo Tobler’s First Law of Geography that “everything is related to everything else, but near things are more related than distant things” and you’ll understand the value of contextual advertising. Contextual advertising uses linguistic elements (content of a website) to base advertising on the context of what a user is looking at, making it more relevant at the time of use than behavioural ads.

Contextual advertising is highly effective, easy and cheap to implement, is brand safe and respects privacy legislation (e.g. GDPR and the POPI Act) since it doesn’t rely on cookie tracking. With web browsers increasingly restricting cookies and user tracking, data privacy laws and readers generally more aware of their online behaviour, behavioural advertising is no longer the best or most effective means of advertising.

To ensure maximum benefit, our contextual advertising model is informed by behavioural analytics, but doesn’t solely rely on it.

Integrated advertising strategies and their benefits

Novum Intelligence advices an integrated advertising strategy for the best results. An integrated ad strategy starts with an articulated goal and clear messaging enhanced by strong content. Digital advertising works best over the long-term, particularly when paired a well-executed campaign or set of campaigns. Common ad strategies include:

  • Build brand awareness, loyalty, credibility and trust
  • Drive traffic and increase conversions
  • Generate store traffic and drive sales
  • Attract new customers
  • Promote special offers and solutions
  • Keep your customers up-to-date with your offerings
  • Re-engage previous prospects
  • Highlight your company’s strengths

Advertising checklist

Novum Intelligence only places image-based ads, and recommends JPEG ads for images and PNG for graphics-based adverts. Desktop ads are 1328 x 350px, mobile ads 640 x 350px, and newsletter adverts 680 x 150px.

We proudly maintain great advertising standards and practices, because good ads benefit everyone. See our Good Advertising Checklist below for guidance.

  • Simple – great marketing communicates clearly
  • Focused – know what you want to say, then say it (One message/idea per ad)
  • Classy – use modern typefaces, colours and styles to avoid that 90s spam look
  • Complementary – make your ad work with our platform’s content & colours
  • Audience-oriented – know your client & speak to their needs
  • Tasteful – vulgar ads are tacky, tasteless and tossed away
  • Witty – when & where you can, let humour glue your message to minds
  • Still – flashy ads are old-school, irritating and ineffective; avoid it.
  • Unobtrusive – don’t be the reason people leave the room

Ready. Steady. Excel!

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