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Climate TRACE releases first database of global greenhouse gas emissions

17 Sep - 13:11 SAST

By Climate TRACE

Emissions tracking coalition Climate TRACE unveiled the first comprehensive accounting of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions based primarily on direct, independent observation. The coalition’s comprehensive and independent approach fills critical knowledge gaps for all countries that rely on the patchwork system of self-reporting that serves as the basis for most existing emissions inventories.

Based on data from satellites, remote sensing, and advanced applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the inventory is relevant to the more than 100 countries that lack access to comprehensive...

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Company News

Oracle releases Spatial Studio 21.2 with visualisation and geocoding improvements

11 Aug - 11:08 SAST
Spatial Studio 21.2 has been released. Enhancements include hexagonal visualisation, reverse geocoding, creation of custom regions from map layers, coloured map symbol support, and vector tile basemap support.
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How statistical analyses help determine where and when students are most vulnerable to education disruption

2 Jun - 17:32 SAST
To identify countries where girls are most at risk of experiencing educational interruptions and predict lowering completion rates of girls’ primary and secondary education due to climate change, the Malala Fund has partnered with...
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Industry News

Climate TRACE releases first database of global greenhouse gas emissions

17 Sep - 13:11 SAST
The inventory, which spans the years 2015–2020, reveals insights about recent emissions trends across ten sectors and 38 subsectors of the global economy.
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