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South Africa’s statistical agency maps communities vulnerable to Covid-19

14 Dec - 17:32 SAST

Information from Statistics South Africa

With South Africa officially facing its second wave of Covid-19 infections, Statistics South Africa has released an online mapping tool that shows which communities may be more adversely affected by pandemic’s outbreaks. The South African Covid-19 Vulnerability Index aims to identify populations that face multiple risks and who are considered most vulnerable.

The index can serve as a tool to assist with targeted response planning as it highlights areas which are vulnerable to the virus as defined by the rank and indicators that are most prevalent. It can also serve as means for evidence-based pandemic management

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Water scarcity in Africa: Analysis of seawater solar desalination applicability by GIS

18 Aug - 12:26 SAST
In Africa, seawater solar desalination systems offer an opportunity to address increasing water demand. However, many environmental, economic, demographic, and climatic factors should be taken into consideration in the planning of the areas where...
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Spatial finance techniques empower investors and governments

31 Jul - 16:23 SAST
The Climate and Nature Sovereign Index lets investors assess climate and nature risks of sovereign debt investments.
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Aiding healthy bee populations with advanced analytics, machine learning and mapping

20 May - 14:55 SAST
With the number of bee colonies drastically declining around the world, SAS is using technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and visual analytics to help maintain and support healthy bee...
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Data principles to remember in the COVID-19 response

21 Apr - 17:16 SAST
During the COVID-19 pandemic our lives are dictated by data modelling, data visualisation, and a data-led decision-making process that needs to follow a few basic principles to get the most from data.
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Three insights from The State of Spatial Data Science 2020 report

29 Jan - 17:47 SAST
In order to understand the trends and shifts for Spatial Data Science across these industries, Carto has invited thought leaders from enterprise organisations across the globe to participate in the State of Spatial Data...
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