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Climate TRACE releases first database of global greenhouse gas emissions

17 Sep - 13:11 SAST

By Climate TRACE

Emissions tracking coalition Climate TRACE unveiled the first comprehensive accounting of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions based primarily on direct, independent observation. The coalition’s comprehensive and independent approach fills critical knowledge gaps for all countries that rely on the patchwork system of self-reporting that serves as the basis for most existing emissions inventories.

Based on data from satellites, remote sensing, and advanced applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the inventory is relevant to the more than 100 countries that lack access to comprehensive emissions data from the past five years. It enables global

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Spot the Crop Data Challenge focuses on using satellite imagery and machine learning for automating South African crop identification

13 Jul - 15:14 SAST
Radiant Earth Foundation’s Spot the Crop Data Challenge seeks entrants to predict crop types in the Western Cape, South Africa using satellite image time-series.
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Radiant Earth partners with Microsoft to accelerate earth observation solutions for local and global sustainability applications

13 Jul - 14:59 SAST
(AI) data, tools, and educational resources to address sustainability challenges.
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Digital Earth Africa incorporates analyses ready radar data for the continent

24 Jun - 21:51 SAST
The data is open access and free through the Digital Earth Africa Map and sandbox, and will aid users’ ability to map and monitor water, crops and land cover.
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UP42 and GIZ collaboration supports agricultural start-ups in Africa with geospatial technology

24 Jun - 16:56 SAST
UP42 and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH are making geospatial technology available to local farming-related start-up businesses under the GIZ Make-IT in Africa project.
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AI-powered Malaria elimination solution wins IBM Watson AI XPRIZE Competition

23 Jun - 12:19 SAST
Zzapp Malaria won the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE Challenge for its solution which aids malaria elimination by optimising the timing for launching larvicide operations.
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The Locus Charter sets out data ethics for geospatial technologies and location data users

24 Mar - 12:16 SAST
The charter is the result of international collaboration between governments, organisations and individual practitioners, and espouses the values of inclusive, open, and fair location data utilisation.
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African Statistics Day 2020 focuses on statistics and data in building a peaceful Africa

25 Nov - 13:29 SAST
Statistics can be used to create the conditions that are conductive to Africa’s development.
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Digital Earth Africa data moved to Amazon Web Services facility in Cape Town to optimise availability and accessibility

16 Nov - 17:19 SAST
The movement of Sentinel-2 data to the AWS facility in Cape Town allows DE Africa to store data closer to users, enabling them to access and analyse information faster.
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Global air pollution maps now available

6 Nov - 09:48 SAST
A new online platform for tracking of air pollution worldwide is now available to the public. The maps, which use data from the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite, show the averaged nitrogen dioxide concentrations using a...
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Novum Intel becomes Novum Intelligence, launches new services

2 Nov - 23:35 SAST
Eagle-eyed audience members will have noticed the subtle change in our company name, logo and domain name from Novum Intel to the full name, Novum Intelligence.
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Using gridded population data for inclusive mapping and sustainable development

1 Oct - 13:12 SAST
Gridded population data have emerged as an important resource for delivering actionable data.
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WildTrack receives humanitarian award for conservation project using drones and artificial intelligence analyses

30 Sep - 12:58 SAST
WildTrack paired its footprint identification technique with statistical software and high-resolution drone imagery for non-invasive conservation monitoring.
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Esri and AfroChampions partner to promote GIS in Africa, drive economic transformation

24 Sep - 12:17 SAST
Information from Esri Geospatial software developer Esri announced a joint initiative with AfroChampions, a Pan-African non-profit that aims to promote policies that foster private-public collaboration for Africa’s economic transformation.  This...
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Deal unlocks universal access to high-resolution satellite imagery for anyone to monitoring tropical deforestation

23 Sep - 19:56 SAST
Universal access to high-resolution satellite monitoring of the tropics supports efforts to stop the destruction of the world’s rainforests.
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SAS accelerates development of analytics and data science talent with academic program

22 Sep - 17:19 SAST
The programme adds structure and consistency to degree and certificate programs, ensuring a foundation in SAS skills.
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Radiant Earth Foundation leadership transition

26 Aug - 18:10 SAST
Anne Hale Miglarese hands over the executive directorship to chief data scientist Hamed Alemohammad, and Jerry Johnston becomes the chairman of the board of directors.
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Spatially-disaggregated crop production statistics data released for Sub-Saharan Africa for 2017

27 Jul - 14:55 SAST
The International Food Policy Research Institute has published a new version of Spatially-Disaggregated Crop Production Statistics Data for Sub-Saharan Africa for 2017. This new regional update, available to download from the IFPRI Dataverse, marks...
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Coalition formed to combine artificial intelligence with satellites to monitor global greenhouse gas emissions in real time

15 Jul - 21:20 SAST
The Climate TRACE tool will allow independently verified emissions monitoring to enable transparency and accountability, along with other applications and benefits.
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