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Woolpert acquires AAM to increase global mapping and geospatial data capabilities

15 Sep - 11:56 SAST

By Woolpert and AAM Group

Woolpert has acquired AAM, a global geospatial services company that specialises in aerial mapping, surveying, GIS, and the development of geospatial processes and technologies.

AAM is headquartered in Australia and has offices across New Zealand, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Woolpert is a US-based architecture, engineering, geospatial (AEG) and strategic consulting firm with 44 offices in three countries.

The acquisition almost doubles Woolpert’s presence in Africa. In South Africa, where Woolpert acquired Southern Mapping in 2019 and where AAM has offices, the firms will collaborate on key technologies to improve operational reach and capacity to the

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Airbus’ second Pléiades Neo high-res earth observation satellite now in orbit

17 Aug - 11:08 SAST
Comprising four identical satellites, the Airbus manufactured, owned and operated Pléiades Neo constellation offers a native resolution of 30 cm with an imaging swath of 14 km.
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Trimble enhances its RTX correction service performance, reducing GNSS signal convergence times

22 Jul - 11:08 SAST
Trimble announced enhancements to its RTX correction services, including convergence time reductions, more reliable and robust signals, and an easier workflow for surveyors.
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Teledyne Optech launches geospatial bathymetric lidar solution CZMIL SuperNova

15 Jun - 18:09 SAST
Information from Teledyne Technologies Teledyne Optech has launched its third generation CZMIL (coastal zone mapping and imaging lidar), the CZMIL SuperNova, powered by Teledyne CARIS processing software for creation of...
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Airbus’s Pléiades Neo constellation delivers first images

24 May - 14:01 SAST
Pléiades Neo will provide commercial and institutional customers with high-level insights for the next decade.
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Teledyne Technologies acquires Flir Systems

14 May - 14:20 SAST
Flir will now be included in Teledyne's Digital Imaging segment and operate under the name Teledyne FLIR.
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Delta Drone International expands its training operations into Namibia, launches agri-operation in Zambia and introduces new mining service in Ghana

12 May - 13:56 SAST
Through its subsidiaries, DSL, Rocketmine and Rocketfarm, Delta Drone International is expanding its drone operations and training into Africa.
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GeoCue True View 635/640 drone payload integrates Riegl’s miniVUX-3UAV lidar

22 Apr - 13:30 SAST
GeoCue Group has upgraded its Riegl-based True View 3D Imaging Systems (3DIS) with the launch of the new True View 635/640 3DIS.
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Access high-performance computing in the field with Trimble’s T100 rugged tablet

13 Apr - 20:09 SAST
The rugged tablet supports a full suite of applications for optical, GNSS, and laser scanning solutions, including the Trimble SX12 and X7.
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Phase One announces P3 drone payload for asset inspection

22 Mar - 13:00 SAST
The drone includes a Phase One iXM 100 MP or 50 MP camera, one of the RSM lens options, and a new gimbal with integrated rangefinder.
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Planet adds 48 satellites to its medium resolution constellation and updates its GIS plugins

24 Feb - 20:54 SAST
With this launch of 8-band SuperDoves, the company will continue to provide medium resolution multispectral imagery (3 to 5 m) at a global scale to customers worldwide.
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Topcon-accredited service centre relocates to Woodmead

19 Feb - 15:22 SAST
The newly established WorldsView Service Centre – the only Topcon-accredited service centre in South Africa – is relocating to WorldsView House in Woodmead, Johannesburg.
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senseFly launches eBee Ag fixed-wing drone for agriculture mapping

15 Feb - 23:40 SAST
The eBee Ag can help agriculture professionals overcome the challenges they face in the field related to planning, plant health and crop monitoring.
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GeoCue releases its True View 515 integrated lidar and photogrammetry system for small drones

10 Feb - 19:10 SAST
The True View 515 is an all-purpose 3D imaging system designed for small unmanned aerial systems, and integrates lidar with photogrammetry.
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Juniper System introduces more customisation options for its rugged handheld computers

10 Feb - 18:02 SAST
Juniper Systems has announced a product customisation programme for its line of ultra-rugged handheld computers and sub-meter GNSS receiver.
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senseFly launches eBee Geo mapping drone, e-Learning platform and operator certification program

1 Feb - 06:52 SAST
SenseFly expanded its eBee X drone solution with the launch of the eBee Geo, aimed at surveyors and GIS professionals.
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Phase One unveils PAS 880 large format nadir and oblique aerial camera system

15 Dec - 11:18 SAST
The system integrates a 280 MP nadir camera with four oblique 150 MP cameras into a single pod to simultaneously capture photogrammetric 2D and 3D digital imagery.
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DJI launches two new drone payloads for aerial surveying

20 Oct - 11:50 SAST
DJI unveiled two new payloads for its Matrice 300 RTK commercial drone platform: the Zenmuse L1 lidar solution and Zenmuse P1 full frame camera.
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Topcon’s new GT-1200 and GT-600 robotic total stations complete hybrid positioning workflow

13 Oct - 19:33 SAST
Topcon Positioning Group’s new GT Series robotic total stations, the GT-1200 and GT-600, are now available in multiple accuracy levels. The total stations form part of a full workflow solution, known as Hybrid Positioning...
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