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Project control strategies for high accuracy drone mapping

8 Sep - 11:18 SAST

By Lewis Graham, GeoCue

Project control is a topic near and dear to anyone doing high accuracy mapping – project control. While this article won’t be giving you specific answers about how much and where to place control, it will provide you with useful guidelines. The main reason for this article is that a lot of work remains to be done by the UAV mapping industry in this area.

What is project control?

Project Control generally refers to marks in the “object” space being imaged (e.g. the ground) that can be measured in the collected data. These control marks are typically

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Considerations when choosing a drone provider for AEC projects

8 Sep - 11:18 SAST
Drones have become popular among contractors and building managers for construction inspection, land surveying, aerial asset inspection and similar applications. When choosing a drone provider, there are important considerations to bear in mind.
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Combining Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-5P imagery for high-resolution methane emissions mapping and source attribution

1 Sep - 10:34 SAST
Until recently, no straightforward solution has existed to detect individual methane emissions and track them back to their original sources. Now, scientists from Kayrros have developed a tool that can accurately detect individual methane...
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Using low-cost dual-frequency GNSS modules for cadastral mapping in Tanzania

2 Jun - 16:08 SAST
Poor people can rarely obtain land rights. By bringing communities together and using an affordable dual-frequency receivers, this could change.
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Project owners help drive construction digitisation and data efforts

10 Aug - 05:59 SAST
Project owners increasingly regard data as the key driver of a project’s value and are demanding that their contractors and suppliers align with their digital ambitions.
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How mine surveyors created self-service data for every user on one of Africa’s largest coal mines

18 Mar - 16:28 SAST
When Thys Smith, Exxaro’s survey manager on Grootegeluk coal mine, realised that 60% of his work day comprised serving information request about geospatial data, he tasked draughtsman Beyers du Randt to start work on...
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Guide to location tracking technologies for underground mines

17 Feb - 13:33 SAST
Section 9.2 of the GMG Underground Mine Communications Infrastructure Guidelines Part III: General Guidelines provides a high-level overview of why tracking technologies are valuable in underground mines and the options that they have.
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Satnav watching over rugby players

13 Dec - 13:42 SAST
Information from ESA As France’s top rugby players scrum, run and tackle they are being tracked by more than just TV cameras and the watching eyes of the crowd. Satnav-based...
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