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MapTiler Desktop 11.2 features estimated rendering time and new output format

16 Aug - 11:08 SAST

By MapTiler

The latest version of MapTiler Desktop, v11.2, features estimation of rendering time, new default output format, KML for Google Earth, upload to the cloud service of your choice, and other improvements.

Before you start rendering, the software now shows an estimation of how long the processes will take. Looking at the numbers and comparing them with the size of a dataset, users can tell if they made mistake in the settings, such as adding too many zoom levels. This also helps users plan their work better.

GeoPackage is now the default output format while the options of rendering into MBTiles

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Azavea publishes public cloud dataset for satellite imagery machine learning applications

2 Aug - 11:08 SAST
Detection and removal of clouds in satellite imagery is a natural application of machine learning, but freely available training datasets have been in short supply. To address this, Azavea has produced a public dataset...
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Esri open sources 2020 global land cover map, in addition to predictive land cover map release

14 Jul - 12:08 SAST
Esri’s 2020 Global Land Cover Map and Predictive 2050 Global Land Cover Map forms part of the Living Atlas, and is available under a Creative Commons license. Both products are available in ArcGIS Online...
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Catalyst and Amazon Web Services collaboration delivers displacement monitoring insights

1 Jun - 11:24 SAST
The Catalyst AWS collaboration will deliver geoscience analytics to users with any level of technical expertise.
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Golden Software enhances 3D functionality in Surfer surface mapping package

11 May - 14:16 SAST
These capabilities are focused on making it easier for users to visualise, display, and analyse complex 3D data.
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NavVis releases Ivion as a new scan-to-BIM platform for digital factories

22 Apr - 22:57 SAST
The NavVis Ivion spatial data platform comprises Core (scan-to-BIM), Enterprise (digital factory) and Ivion Go for Enterprise (mobile app).
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Maptek DomainMCF platform applies machine learning in geological modelling

15 Apr - 13:33 SAST
Maptek new DomainMCF platform for geologists combines machine learning with cloud computing to generate geological models. It lets geologists feed in drilling data to obtain domain or grade models.
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ArcGIS Earth update overhauls sharing and interoperability

2 Apr - 12:53 SAST
The latest major release of ArcGIS Earth on desktop gives users more sharing capabilities across mobile, desktop and the organisation portal.
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Autodesk acquires water infrastructure software developer Innovyze for $1 billion

31 Mar - 15:16 SAST
Autodesk has signed an agreement to acquire Innovyze, a developer of water infrastructure software, for $1 billion net of cash.
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Extensis makes its GeoViewer Pro geospatial data viewer available at no charge

17 Mar - 13:40 SAST
The GIS image viewer enables anyone to view and interact with geospatial datasets without a full GIS software package.
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MapTiler Desktop 11 gets a visual overhaul and new rendering capabilities

10 Mar - 18:43 SAST
MapTiler Desktop has been updated to keep it a user-friendly geodata processing tool for converting maps-data into web and mobile-ready form.
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Avenza releases Geographic Imager 6.3 for Adobe Photoshop and starts video series

22 Feb - 10:14 SAST
Geographic Imager 6.3 gives users access to Adobe Photoshop functions while maintaining georeferencing and support for coordinate systems and projections.
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Trimble and Esri collaborate to bring location-based products and services to the global forestry market

2 Feb - 17:26 SAST
In a new collaborating Esri is integrating its Geospatial Cloud platform into Trimble's Connected Forest solutions to provide visibility and traceability for the forest industry.
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HxGN MinePlan 2020 Release 2 adds integration and functionality

26 Nov - 12:39 SAST
By Ian Leones, Hexagon Mining MinePlan’s second major update of 2020 brings new functionality, improved performance and new integration possibilities. Reserves 4.0’s new interface streamlines the setup process, benefitting users...
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Bentley Systems expands alliance with Microsoft to accelerate infrastructure digital twins for urban planning and smart cities

19 Oct - 07:09 SAST
Bentley Systems and Microsoft Corp announced an expansion of a strategic alliance focused on advancing infrastructure for smart city urban planning and smart construction.
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Esri introduces ready-to-use geospatial deep learning models through ArcGIS Online

13 Oct - 21:18 SAST
Esri has announced the release of ready-to-use geospatial artificial intelligence (AI) models on the ArcGIS Living Atlas. The company has added three models.
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Maxar extends satellite imagery basemaps contract with Esri and expands rights for app developers

13 Oct - 20:22 SAST
The satellite imagery provider continues to be Esri’s foundation imagery provider, supplying high-resolution satellite imagery for the Living Atlas of the World.
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Golden Software improves Surfer file handling for faster mapping

9 Sep - 12:05 SAST
Golden Software, a developer of 2D and 3D scientific modelling packages, has improved mapping in the latest version of its Surfer gridding, contouring, and 3D surface mapping product.
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Mapillary map features now available globally in OpenStreetMap

24 Aug - 19:24 SAST
By Chris Beddow, Mapillary All Mapillary map features are now available in OpenStreetMap (OSM) tools with recent upgrades to JOSM and iD editors, also reflected in the RapiD editor. Mapillary...
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