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BIMHarambee.Africa Student Competition seeks high-speed building information modelling projects for African smart cities

13 Jul - 15:43 SAST

The BIMHarambee.Africa Student Competition builds on the BIMHarambee.Africa 2021 theme “BIM in 2030” and building information modelling’s role in smart cities, the learnings of which will inform the conference's panel discussion on 21 October 2021. There are no entry fees for this competition.

Interdisciplinary student teams across Africa are invited to demonstrate their BIM capabilities by producing the highest quality BIM as-built model within the shortest amount of production time (BIM production sprint) while exploring how to use BIM to make existing buildings smarter and become smart city ready. The aim is to find ways BIM could help to

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Draft standard for reporting built-environment carbon emissions opens for consultation

5 Jul - 14:51 SAST
ICMS 3 provides a reporting framework for capital costs, life cycle costs and carbon emissions to optimises environmental sustainability of the built environment.
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LandsatLook 2.0 lets Landsat users take advantage of cloud-based systems

1 Jul - 11:29 SAST
USGS’s LandsatLook 2.0 Viewer makes it easier and faster to access earth imagery and simpler to analyse data in cloud-based systems.
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Global mineral data portal unveiled by international partnership

28 Jun - 13:32 SAST
Access more than 10 000 mineral samples from Australia, Canada and the United States, all categorised along a deposit classification scheme and available through a new web portal.
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Development Seed’s PEARL platform employs AI to accelerated land cover mapping

18 May - 23:38 SAST
The platform combines human intelligence and scalable AI for fast, accurate land cover mapping. It leverages capabilities and research under the Microsoft Planetary Computer initiative that reduce the effort to create land cover maps.
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South Africa’s national mapping agency proposes changes to its map series, calls for input

21 Apr - 10:17 SAST
The CD: NGI has embarked on a map design project to update symbologies, annotations, map languages, graticules and other aspects on its 1: 10 000 Orthophoto and 1: 50 000 Topographic map series.
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Digital Twin Consortium welcomes Esri as partner, announces liaison with Global Mining Guidelines Group

1 Apr - 11:56 SAST
The Digital Twin Consortium has welcomed Esri as a partner, and entered into a liaison agreement with Global Mining Guidelines Group.
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Ghana launches national map of forests and land use

28 Jan - 07:09 SAST
The map uses satellite data from the Copernicus Sentinel satellites, a large number of field samples and measurements cross-referenced using machine learning techniques.
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ESA releases long-term dataset to analyse global fire trends

21 Jan - 12:33 SAST
Maps of burned area derived from satellite data help improve fire-emission inventories to quantify the impact of fires on air quality, climate and its critical component, the global carbon cycle.
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Mapping competition invites entries that focus on the impact of land use on local communities

18 Nov - 16:29 SAST
The RCMRD and Esri have announced the 2020 Map Competition on the impact of land use on local communities.
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Esri, UN and GEO Blue Planet release global water health tool to help coastal nations improve ocean quality

4 Nov - 14:07 SAST
The tool uses real-time analysis enabling countries to monitor coastal water quality and use that information to guide policy and reduce pollution from land sources.
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Novum Intel becomes Novum Intelligence, launches new services

2 Nov - 23:35 SAST
Eagle-eyed audience members will have noticed the subtle change in our company name, logo and domain name from Novum Intel to the full name, Novum Intelligence.
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South African national water quantity data now available for all government departments in spatial and non-spatial formats

21 Sep - 14:34 SAST
The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) has signed a multi-user government licencing agreement to distribute GeoTerraImage’s Mzansi Amanzi national monthly water data products to all South African government departments and their consultants.
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Ericsson and UNICEF partner to map school internet connectivity globally

26 Aug - 17:41 SAST
Ericsson and UNICEF have partnered to map school connectivity in 35 countries by the end of 2023 as a first step towards providing every child with access to digital learning opportunities.
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Copernicus Emergency Management Service is monitoring Uganda flooding

27 Jul - 17:49 SAST
Copernicus EMS has been requested to produce delineation mapping at regular intervals (September, December, March, April, July) since September 2019 and produce a rapid analysis of the current situation concerning floods and flood traces...
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You can now test your product’s GML in JPEG 2000 compliance

19 Jun - 17:11 SAST
Information from OGC The Executable Test Suite for version 2.0 of the GML in JPEG 2000 (GMLJP2) Part 1: Core encoding standard is now available through the Open Geospatial Consortium...
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Esri joins Microsoft-GEO BON biodiversity grant initiative

28 May - 11:53 SAST
Esri is supporting the Microsoft-GEO BON (Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network) grant initiative known as Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) on the Cloud.
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Digital Twin Consortium forms to create standard terminology, reference architectures and share use cases across industries

18 May - 14:31 SAST
Non-profit trade association Object Management Group along with founders Ansys, Dell Technologies, Lendlease and Microsoft, has formed the Digital Twin Consortium.
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Esri joins BSI and announces support of AEC workflows

11 May - 15:55 SAST
Esri has joined BuildingSmart International (BSI) as a multinational member, and will contribute to delivering successful BSI projects which benefit the global community of AEC and GIS practitioners. By partnering with BSI and with...
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