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Radiant Earth Foundation releases its STAC API 1.0

11 Dec - 20:22 SAST

By Chris Holmes, Radiant Earth Foundation

Radiant Earth Foundation has released its first Spatio Temporal Asset Catalogue (STAC) API as version 1.0.0-beta.1. The STAC specification provides a common language to describe a range of geospatial information, enabling online search and discovery of geospatial assets.

Radiant Earth Foundation released the API independent of its STAC Core (i.e. content) releases, and aligned it more closely with the OGC API — Features. This led them to reorganise their repository and restructure their OpenAPI documents to reflect that new structure and lay the groundwork for future improvements.

Major improvements include that services will need to declare

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NavVis introduces cloud processing for laser scanning workflows

17 Nov - 10:28 SAST
This cloud-based tool enables users to convert laser scans into survey-grade, photo-realistic point clouds from data captured by the company’s mobile mapping systems.
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Google releases version 4.0 of the Maps and Places SDKs for iOS

14 Oct - 21:36 SAST
Google today released the new versions of Maps and Places SDKs for iOS. With version 4.0, both SDKs now support apps for devices running a minimum version of iOS 10.
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Carto integrates mapping library and relaunches its developer centre

14 Oct - 19:34 SAST
A complete Carto module is now available as part of the framework, allowing developers to use Carto APIs when building apps using the framework.
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Pointly launches cloud-based 3D point cloud classification tool

14 Sep - 11:24 SAST
Pointly is a software-as-a-service solution which uses AI to manage and classify 3D point clouds.
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Bentley Systems’ new cloud service improves geotechnical information management

10 Sep - 17:12 SAST
Bentley Systems’ new cloud service, OpenGround Cloud, enables geotechnical professionals to access geotechnical data for better engineering decision support and to improve collaboration across the supply chain and across multidisciplinary project teams.
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Virtual Surveyor expands functionality in free version of drone surveying software

8 Sep - 12:45 SAST
Originally offered as a free viewing tool for imagery and elevation models captured by drones, the entry-level “Valley” plan now enables surveyors to create topographic line surveys for small-area projects, and create engineering CAD...
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Vexcel Imaging updates the performance of its aerial photogrammetry software in UltraMap 5.0

26 Aug - 10:28 SAST
This update features a new digital terrain model algorithm based on automatic semantic image segmentation and intelligent filtering, which now generates DSMs and DTMs for export at a higher quality than before.
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GroundWork adds validation, magic wand and other features to speed up image classification for machine learning

25 Aug - 11:11 SAST
Improvements in GroundWork includes validation, the introduction of a “magic wand” to speed up labelling, and a global label view and clickable task map.
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GeoSlam launches Hub 6.1 pointcloud software

20 Aug - 12:04 SAST
GeoSlam launched the latest version of its pointcloud processing software, Hub 6.1. This version includes Adjust to Control functionality, a new version of Draw, improvements in processing, new parameters and bug fixes.
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Carto partnership with Google Cloud enables scalable spatial data infrastructure

12 Aug - 23:43 SAST
As a Google Cloud Partner, Carto is now available the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace. Carto BigQuery Tiler beta has also been released to visualise large location datasets inside BigQuery.
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gvSIG Online introduces a custom geocoder for local place names

7 Aug - 11:05 SAST
The latest version of gvSIG Online, an open source GIS platform, introduces custom geocoding and elevation profiles.
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Esri offers students free access to GIS software and lessons for one year starting September 2020

6 Aug - 11:19 SAST
From 1 September 2020, the Learn ArcGIS Student Program will provide free access for one year to software, lessons, and a community of learners to qualified students globally.
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NavVis IndoorViewer 2.7 adds annotations and auditing to aid virtual planning and collaboration

28 Jul - 12:02 SAST
The recent release of NavVis IndoorViewer 3D visualisation software lets building stakeholders annotate, export and share measurements.
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Virtual Surveyor drone surveying software aids earthworks monitoring at construction sites

15 Jun - 12:56 SAST
Virtual Surveyor has introduced new functionality in Version 7.3 of its drone surveying software to create a workflow for monitoring earthworks progress at construction sites.
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Picterra introduces a QGIS Plugin that allows users to access automated imagery processing from within their current workflows

12 Jun - 18:44 SAST
Picterra has released the beta version of its QGIS plugin to complement its online platform and to enable users to integrate Picterra into their workflow.
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Pix4D launches photogrammetry cloud processing solutions for surveying and construction site monitoring

9 Jun - 15:30 SAST
Pix4D’s two new mapping platforms, Pix4Dcloud and Pix4Dcloud Advanced, for online surveying and construction site monitoring. These can be purchased independently from any desktop software to generate 2D maps and 3D models for online-only...
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Critical security patch for ArcGIS Enterprise portal

3 Jun - 13:02 SAST
A critical Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerability has been discovered in ArcGIS Enterprise portal, affecting all versions prior to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8. Esri has released the Portal for ArcGIS Security 2020 Update 1, which...
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Geomatica remote sensing and photogrammetry software now available as subscription service in the cloud

19 May - 14:18 SAST
PCI Geomatics, a developer of remote sensing and photogrammetric software and systems, announced the availability of Geomatica Cloud on the Cloudeo marketplace.
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