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OGC updates container format GeoPackage and approves indoor mapping format

25 Feb - 19:35 SAST

Information from OGC

In approving GeoPackage V1.3, the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has made a minor update to the current version 1.2.1. The consortium has also adopted Apple’s Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF) 1.0.0 as an OGC standard.

Minor update to GeoPackage

V1.3 is a minor update to GeoPackage, the open, standards-based, platform-independent, portable, self-describing, compact format for transferring geospatial information.

GeoPackage builds on the industry-standard SQLite relational database, and can store multiple datasets, data types, and metadata records in the same file, minimising cumbersome and inefficient file manipulation.

In addition to a number of administrative changes to improve readability, clarity, and correctness,

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Our World in Data is now tracking Covid-19 vaccinations globally

8 Jan - 13:27 SAST
In December 2020, Our World in Data has started tracking another essential metric: Covid-19 vaccinations.
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OGC features API adds more coordinate reference systems

25 Nov - 12:40 SAST
OGC APIs spatially enable web APIs in a consistent way by enabling a way to share and access location information that is consistent with the architecture of the web.
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New chair Janusha Singh talks about her priorities for growing GISSA and the geo-industry’s prominence

9 Nov - 12:43 SAST
Janusha Singh was recently appointed as the Geo-Information Society of South Africa chairperson for 2020/2021, and shared her aspirations for the organisation in this interview.
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Kenya’s GIS community is using geospatial solutions to reduce the digital gender divide

6 Nov - 17:58 SAST
To bridge the gender divide, Women in GIS Kenya developed a location intelligence platform to provide a complete picture of the impacts of Covid-19 on vulnerable groups.
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Novum Intel becomes Novum Intelligence, launches new services

2 Nov - 23:35 SAST
Eagle-eyed audience members will have noticed the subtle change in our company name, logo and domain name from Novum Intel to the full name, Novum Intelligence.
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Free GIS course empowers unemployed youth in South Africa

1 Nov - 19:16 SAST
Esri South Africa is offering free access to Esri geospatial technology for one year through a special offering for unemployed youth (18 – 35 years old).
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African contestants take top prizes at global satellite data labelling contest

25 Sep - 20:52 SAST
Participants were asked to identify cloudy pixels in Sentinel-2 scenes, to help develop a large-scale accurate cloud detection training dataset.
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Esri and AfroChampions partner to promote GIS in Africa for economic development

24 Sep - 10:22 SAST
GIS software developer, Esri, announced a joint initiative with AfroChampions, a Pan-African non-profit that aims to promote policies that foster private-public collaboration for Africa’s economic transformation.
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Radiant Earth Foundation releases benchmark land cover training data for Africa

28 Jul - 15:14 SAST
Radiant Earth Foundation has released “LandCoverNet,” a human-labelled global land cover classification training dataset. This release contains data across Africa, which accounts for ~1/5 of the global dataset.
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A guide for data owners for providing data to OpenStreetMap

22 Jul - 13:25 SAST
OpenStreetMap has published a how-to guide for other organisations that want to contribute their data to OSM.
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BIM Institute takes new direction under new leadership as the BIM Academy launches its online syllabus

15 Jul - 12:37 SAST
The BIM Institute has appointed Gregory Mofokeng, the secretary-general of the Black Business Council in the Built Environment (BBCBE), as its new director from July 2020. The institute has also spun of its education...
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Seven projects from Africa selected for GEO and Google Earth Engine open data funding programme

13 Jul - 20:33 SAST
GEO and Google Earth Engine selected 32 projects from 22 countries to receive funding for its open Earth data challenge.
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South Africa’s Spatial Information Committee opens nominations for new members

3 Jul - 14:52 SAST
South Africa’s Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development are accepting nominations for members to serve on the Committee for Spatial Information. Nominations close in the first week of August 2020.
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OGC adopts open source spatial data management standard HDF5

15 Jun - 10:00 SAST
HDF5 provides a flexible, extensible, and efficient data model, programming interface, and storage model for keeping and managing spatial data.
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Cadasta Foundation collaborates with the Global Land Alliance to promote land tenure security

4 Jun - 13:39 SAST
Cadasta Foundation and Global Land Alliance (GLA) have signed a memorandum of understanding to mutually support and advocate for land tenure security for vulnerable and marginalised communities around the world.
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Extension to OGC moving features standard enables JSON encoding

2 Jun - 13:56 SAST
The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has approved the Moving Features Encoding Extension – JSON for adoption as an official OGC Standard. It defines how to encode and share the movements of geographic features by...
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South African National Space Agency seeks earth observation industry input on COVID-19 response tools

20 Apr - 19:58 SAST
SANSA is engaging with the local Earth observation industry to identify how the agency could partner on existing Earth observation products and to offer support/funding to fast track further development of products to support...
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COVID-19 data for a resilient Africa

20 Apr - 07:59 SAST
The ECA-GPSDD partnership will receive capacity support from Data for Now, a coalition of partners that includes the UN’s Statistics Division, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and the World Bank along with GPSDD.
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