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Grant applications opens for GEO-Microsoft Planetary Computer Programme

28 Sep - 21:14 SAST

By the Group on Earth Observations

To spur early adoption of Microsoft’s Planetary Computer, The Group on Earth Observations (GEO), in partnership with Microsoft, has announced a request for proposals from scientists looking to use the platform to help reduce and reverse tropical forest loss.

The Microsoft Planetary Computer is a multi-petabyte catalogue of global environmental data with APIs and applications. Grantees will be able to utilise open data and analytical tools, including being among the first to access the NICFI Satellite Data Program on Azure. 

The NICFI Satellite Data Program – or Norway’s International Climate and Forests Initiative Imagery Program

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OGC adopts environmental data retrieval specification as an open standard

22 Sep - 19:38 SAST
The standard eases users access to subsets of spatial big data through a uniform, well-defined, web interface that hides the complexities of data storage.
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New open online course explores artificial intelligence for Earth observation

9 Sep - 12:09 SAST
The free course starts on 18 October 2021, will run for 1 year, and can be completed in 6 weeks.
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Africa Earth Observation Challenge 2021 opens for submissions

16 Aug - 14:59 SAST
The challenge opens for entries today from businesses across Africa for submissions demonstrating an application of Earth observation data.
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GMES and Africa launches the continental Incubation Challenge 2021 for marine and coastal applications

9 Aug - 13:02 SAST
The challenge runs from 9 August until 5 November 2021, and invites solutions for marine and coastal environments in Africa.
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High-profile geospatial organisations sign on to global geospatial ethics charter

28 Jul - 11:02 SAST
Nine geospatial organisations have lent their support to the Locus Charter, which outlines an ethical framework and best practices for the use of location data to protect individual and public interest.
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South African National Space Agency opens postgraduate bursary applications for 2022

13 Jul - 15:17 SAST
SANSA offers the bursaries for Hons, MSc and PhD degrees ranging from R90 000 to R130 000 per year.
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Two new compliance certifications available for OGC’s SensorML 2.0 and CDB Standard

8 Jul - 11:18 SAST
Products that implement these standards and pass the tests in the Executable Test Suite can now be certified as OGC Compliant.
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Giga and Mapbox join forces with mapping gaming to locate schools across the globe

29 Jun - 22:55 SAST
To accelerate the mapping of schools globally, Giga and Mapbox created The Mapping Game, a crowdsourced app to identify schools using satellite imagery.
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OGC and CRN partner to establish a unique geospatial real property identifier

22 Apr - 13:30 SAST
The OGC and CRN will work together to develop a unique geospatial real property identifier for housing finance and beyond.
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GMG produces database of mining interoperability initiatives

13 Apr - 22:16 SAST
This live database of mining interoperability initiatives aims to increase the industry’s visibility of what organisations are doing on interoperability in order to enable collaboration.
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OGC updates container format GeoPackage and approves indoor mapping format

25 Feb - 19:35 SAST
The OGC has made minor updates to GeoPackage version 1.2.1, and adopted Apple's Indoor Mapping Data Format as an OGC standard.
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Our World in Data is now tracking Covid-19 vaccinations globally

8 Jan - 13:27 SAST
In December 2020, Our World in Data has started tracking another essential metric: Covid-19 vaccinations.
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EU mobilises €82.5 million to strengthen cooperation with Africa in digital and space technology

21 Dec - 16:57 SAST
The European Union has announced €82.5 million for six new projects under the Pan-African Programme to strengthen its cooperation with Africa in multiple sectors, including sustainable resource management and digitalisation.
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OGC features API adds more coordinate reference systems

25 Nov - 12:40 SAST
OGC APIs spatially enable web APIs in a consistent way by enabling a way to share and access location information that is consistent with the architecture of the web.
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New chair Janusha Singh talks about her priorities for growing GISSA and the geo-industry’s prominence

9 Nov - 12:43 SAST
Janusha Singh was recently appointed as the Geo-Information Society of South Africa chairperson for 2020/2021, and shared her aspirations for the organisation in this interview.
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Kenya’s GIS community is using geospatial solutions to reduce the digital gender divide

6 Nov - 17:58 SAST
To bridge the gender divide, Women in GIS Kenya developed a location intelligence platform to provide a complete picture of the impacts of Covid-19 on vulnerable groups.
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Novum Intel becomes Novum Intelligence, launches new services

2 Nov - 23:35 SAST
Eagle-eyed audience members will have noticed the subtle change in our company name, logo and domain name from Novum Intel to the full name, Novum Intelligence.
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Free GIS course empowers unemployed youth in South Africa

1 Nov - 19:16 SAST
Esri South Africa is offering free access to Esri geospatial technology for one year through a special offering for unemployed youth (18 – 35 years old).
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